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Monday, February 27, 2017

The circle of life

My absence is explainable and the struggle is real, suddenly I have become an apartment owner. Ironically I am writing this post on a ferry to Finland IKEA. 
First it was a party blog, now it becomes an interior design blog, after that a baby blog and in the end you get from here some tips how to decorate funerals.
The circle of blog life.

First things first.

1. Like I can't even remember how long ago we sent Melis off to a trip around the world.
Clearly girls have more fun than boys:

Talking about the perfect colour of the that couch sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll:

Blurry vision:

The blondes and Juss:

The Oscar nominated motion picture:

2. We took a trip to the wild country side to celebrate Harri's birthday 
and found some pussies:

The class society:

The authentic family dinner:

My friends are finally at that stage that they are having children.
Meet Vibu:

3. Also I saw José Gonzáles and went to heaven. 
The most joyful event of 2017 so far:

4. Met up with my two favourite girls:

5. That day it was -15 degrees, however it smelled like spring.
Embrace yourselves, we have survived another winter!

6. The saddest part of February was when T-Lo decided to move to Poland, egoist as I am, 
I really don't like the distance between us (overly attached friend). 
Before she left, she opened her first exhibition "Debris":

(picture credit Marianna Gunja)

*this is written after the IKEA trip*

7.  Last Friday Boiler Room x Lekker happened. 
Such much cool party:

Throwback to 2011 when I was at Boiler Room and saw Jessie Ware first time in my life.
Massive incoming!

Thank you Ella!
Thank you Lekker!
Thank you music!

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