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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ta-Linn and Cissi Zukabljäd

I often invite my foreign friends to visit me at the East side, although only few actually come. Tallinn can't really compete with big appealing cities like Paris, London or New York. But it's cheap, God dammit, and I am here! Therefore it is simply best place in Eastern Europe on Earth.

My Stockholm gäris and I, we miss each other a lot and have made a pact to see each other every other month. Friendship needs dedications, cultures need to be exchanged. Have I already told you how bloody cool the European Union is? Connecting people.

Here is the story how Cecilia and Linn got the taste of Tallinn. 

To get the real taste of Tallinn we stayed at our Mustamäe apartment 
and inaugurated the newly renovated bedroom.

It's friday night, let's open these zippers up and show some skin:

Good girls gone bad:

Tanja, Katja and Nataša checking the Parliament of Estonia out:

Bloody tourists:

Then we got lost at Yo Hoov! Estonian and Russian rap at its best:
(Credit Oskar Kadaksoo)

The song of the weekend:

On Saturday we slept like kittens and took only ONE drink:

How very Swedish of us, 
we spent the evening putting together IKEA furniture:

My brain had 404 error while mixing together Estonian, Swedish and English language. 
I am not used to thinking this hard:

Cissi tries to cut her beer consumption down:

"I am more of an ass person":

Tanja, Katja and Nataša are ready to go out again:

12 EEK Monkey release party!
(The act before them was really hard to explain to my Swedish friends, 
they told politely that it sounds like some kind of weird museum act.)

The whole weekend was full of golden parties, 
Tallinn was giving out really good vibes:

The brave girls continued to Hollywood, but Fred and I went home. We felt like mom and dad sending their kids off to hell. But they survived all the horny men, bad music and taxi-drivers asking 20€ for 200m. So proud!

Hands up for Eastern Europe!:

Booooom, Tallinn!:

Linn and Tallinn:

We went to Viimsi to have a family dinner 
and had a lazy Sunday:


At the investment bank:

The goodbye dinner:

Kisses and hugs!
Tack att ni finns!

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