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Thursday, June 15, 2017

We be drummin', we be jammin' at Sunset house aka Päikeseloojangu maja

Two months ago after some glass of wine I started to force my long-time dream upon my friends. Many years now I have wished renting the Sunset house aka Päikeseloojangu maja, but I have always been too late and it has been fully booked. Luckily Ott is the fastest gun in Estonia and he clicked 'book' before I even got to end my 'Why we should go' speech.

A true roadtrip needs a proper minivan and a guy with Hawaiian shirt on the backseat: 

Summer 100% downloaded:

We saw those rubber noses and straight away we said to the lady at Koduextra:

I get more gangster when I'm in Southern Estonia:

What do you get if you cross a duck with fireworks?
A firequacker!

Minute ago I screamed "STOP THE CAR! COW PIC TIME!!!"

Embrace yourselves the noses are not coming off anymore!:

And then we arrived to our destination.
It was all so lovely and fluffy:

Took a walk around the bog and got a bit overly excited:

The everyday problems were left behind in Tallinn,
no troubles here:

Trying to guess were Russia is:

If you are happy and you know it
and you really want to show it:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the tree fell on us:

I'll just leave this inspirational quote here for your pleasure:

Juss now knows what to do when a bear attacks,
he just hopes it does not happen:

We be drummin', we be jammin'...

...we be cookin'...

...we be drinkin':

Sisi & Meme:

Sense? It makes none:

Erik does not believe in God,
but blissful moments like these, he looks up to the clouds and sends a 'Thank you' thought:

Ott needed a new picture for his Tinder:

The moment when your friend turns up to be a God:

Looking at his husband-to-be

True friendship means total freedom to push a bloody tampon upon your bestie's nose:

Flex to the max:

He likes big butts and he cannot lie,
you other brothers can't deny!:

*The number you have reached is having a good time.
Try again on Monday.*

The Sunset house is best for looking at sunsets.
I wonder where the name comes from?

A duck and a kitten - at first glance completely unsuitable,
but against all odds turned out to be a perfect match:

The morning after some wild animals woke us up:

We ended the trip at Taevaskoja and got in touch with the Estonian native faith.
Even if the rest of the summer is complete rubbish it will still be one of the best summers in my life:

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