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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

What to expect, when you are expecting. Trammi edition.

I have to release an official statement due to a messy pregnancy incident. I apologise that I accidentally seemed to be pregnant on my Instagram picture. After receiving several congratulations (even from people who had seen me recently), I realised that the fake-belly looked too real and no one reads Instagram headlines. Damn, people are really expecting Fred and I to have a baby, however for now my tummy is only full of wine and chips.

Actually I did not want to steal Trammi's thunder. She is the superstar of this post, because she is my first close friend to have a baby. She wished that she could be pregnant together with her friends and since I could not fulfil her wish nor my stomach so fast -
 we faked it, until we are going to make it.

We had planned the baby shower for quite some time and we were super nervous, 
because we were not really sure what the protocol expects us to do.
So many questions arose: What to give as a gift? 
Is it okay to drink alcohol at a baby shower? Where do babies actually come from?:

At the last minute Trammi, who did not know about the surprise baby shower, 
organised herself to her country house. 
I quickly borrowed friend's car, picked up my Kupi and spontaneous road-trip began:

Few meters before the house we knocked ourselves up:

Find the real baby
and find the beer baby:

Slavic squat is so last year,
try preggo squat, that is next level!:

"Sorry guys I farted!"

Yes, we can!

Three lovely ladies:

The golden girl(s):

The moment we realised that everyone now knows that we have had sex:

The dream would be pregnant in the same time. 
To have someone to talk with about saloon doors, purple poop and 
*insert more baby related issues here*:

A lovely dinner later it was time to go home again.
On our way back to Tallinn we opened the summer season by taking the original field pictures:

As you can see I had given birth by then and it felt so liberating:


We casually robbed a bank:

We promised to be the best aunt and uncle for the lovely girl we are expecting.
Also we promised to love each other until we die (aaaand beyond):

Is it a shower? Is it a baby shower?

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