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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Midsummer 2017 behind the scenes

Erik & Sons LTD has released their take on Midsummer at Hiiumaa 
and I am stealing their thunder.

Embrace yourselves 
pictures of cute dogs and pretty girls are coming up!

Let's start with a classic anecdote - 
the sea star and a girl with four fingers went to a bar...

The baby heard that we forgot 2 litres of Gin on the mainland:

After a long cold winter it's nice to remind our bodies what sweating means:

The moment when girlfriend is so white that you confuse her with a reflector:

One does not simply argue with Grandpa, who in his youth played koroona professionally:

Nevermind Fred,
bit it seems that Ott is grabbing baby mama in the background:

If you're going to San Francisco Hiiumaa,
be sure to wear some flowers in your head.
If you're going to San Francisco Hiiumaa!
You're gonna meet some gentle people there:


More peace and love is established thanks to pancakes instead of guns:

Doggo does yoga:

The chief of We be jammin', we be drummin' tribe:

Little did that boat know that we would come after it that very evening:

It's baffling how much joy one stick can bring:

Beach party:

Aaaaaand Pärna flipped over:

Not a single smile is given:

plätud on jalas:

She is fluent in doggo:

Please Sir, could I have another pancake?

Summer = Wonderfully odd and full of life. 
Very hyper and hard to control at times, but worth the effort. Unabashedly goofy.

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