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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Epplorette party

1th of September 2008 a petite and charming girl joined our class. Ehmagawd how well she spoke Swedish! Then we found out that she was already 18! Could. it. get. any. better?! Among us, the seventeen year olds, she seemed like the coolest kid on the block (I am 26 and I honestly still think that). Epp was older than us due to studying a year in Sweden - to be fair she was already like 100 years old, when we finally graduated. 

Always older and wiser, Epp has always been one step ahead of us and now she is the first among our friends to get married, HÕISSA! One does not simply get married without having a wacky night together with the closest göööörlfriends! 
Here is the Epplorette party:

Sadly I couldn't join the fun during the daytime, 
but arrived just in time for the garden party with glamorous testicle balloons:

There was a lot of love around us:

Alcohol yoga is the reason I could pick up sports:

Don't drink and drive,
drink and yoga:

Trying to find where our bottles are:

Thanking the Gods that we found the bottles we were looking for:

Hands up those who have got underwear stuck in their crotch:

Cheers, girls!

Keep yourself fit
and take a sip:

That moment the bride realises that the wedding is just a week away:

Love makes the world go round:

Who run the world? 

Epp aced basically all the answers in "How well do you know your future hubby".
Yes, those two are meant to be together.

Soon to be Consuela Bananahammock:

There was no stripper, however Epp got her last wild and wet kiss 
from a hairy Swede named Björn:

"Look, the sun is up! Let's make a group photo":

Happy Epp's day!

There's nothing she can't do:

Siit tuleb üks tants, siit tuleb üks tants, siit tuleb üks vahva puntratants:

Okay guys, I am home and I should go drunk:

The blurry summer morning at 6am, so romantic and full of love:

And they lived happily ever after.

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