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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bachelorette party

Marrying secretly comes with a benefit of not having a bachelorette party no 16-person jacuzzi limo, no penis straws and no discount rate strippers. However, all of a sudden I found myself at wedding dress salons, because my close friends revenged me with a surprise dress testing. 
To say the least, this kind of fluffiness is not my cup of tea and it gave us a lot of giggles.

We went to two salons and it was forbidden to take pictures in both of them. Like whaaaat?! I am completely surprised by this fact, because normal people would like to take a photo of the 1000 € dress they are going to buy, no? Of course it did not stop my friends taking pictures in hidden manner. They picked out the most voluminous dress and Madonna "Virgin" veil for me:

Next stop was Salocenter (keep in mind the no photo policy, I am so going to jail).
The inspirational pictures on the wall were to die for:

My golden girls waited patently while I tried on 645 dresses, one fluffier than the other.
They trolled and burned me as much as they could, 
so in the end we were searching for a dress for the flower-girl named Lisandra:

Did you know that one can take a wedding loan from the bank?
So the love is supported by mountain of debt, CRAZY!:

Several LOLs later, we ended up at Tai Boh
to get some yummy in our tummy:

Cheers for untraditional happenings:

Who run the world? GIRLS!

Dorothy, Sophia and Rose - perfectly awesome ladies all together:

Thank you for making my day!

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