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Thursday, November 16, 2017

& Other Stories - unconditional love since 2013

I am very brand loyal person. All my shoes are Vagabond (or Timberland). All my skincare is from Lush and all my clothes are made by H&M group (Weekday, Monki, COS, & Other Stories, H&M), however with & Other Stories I have a very special "Shut up and take my money" bond. 
Here is a little throwback to our relationship.


2013 first &OS store was opened in London and shortly thereafter it arrived to Stockholm, 
where I lived at that moment. I fell in love quite quickly, but was a poor student, so the first purchase I made was only in January 2014 at Paris rue Saint-Honoré store (still the pretties lingerie I own):


I somewhat have a goal to visit all the & Other Stories shops around the world. 
Here is London Regent Street in 2014:

Probably I bought these ones and skincare products while in London:


Sometimes & Other Stories reaches me on my birthday (hello swimwear):

Since &OS does not send their packages to Estonia,
I have exploited my friends living abroad.


I love when it is Sale time, it gives me a great amount of joy:

On this and on the previous picture the Copenhagen Amagertorv 29 store is seen:


Berlin & Other Stories stores are my absolute favourites.
Hello Neue Schönhauser strasse 15!:

Berlin Kurfürstendamm 234 a.k.a. my number one:

This dress came home with me from Friedrichstraße 83:


It was huge!


No joke, probably the most beautiful one:


The rubber girl and &OS:


I am a regular at both Stockholm stores,
they are always expecting me (went in and bought my favourite coat):

I also try to invite other people into my &OS cult:

I have spent remarkable amount of time at their stores:

The occasional flower pop-up stores are amazing:

Sa tahad mind, ma tahan sind, milleks meile küll see mäng.
It was a destiny when & Other Stories opened at Mall of Scandinavia, just next to my home:

Embrace the never-ending fitting room selfies:

I feel so bloody pretty in their clothes:

My besties generally agree with me:


The service is always excellent and full of smile:


In New York I went a bit crazy,
first at Westfield World Trade Centre...:

...then at Broadway...:

...and ended up on the 5th Avenue:

Santa Clause, I hope you get the hint.

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