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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Wilma's style diary part 1 a.k.a. 1991–2007

We discussed jokingly with my friends on how our style has evolved during our lifetime. It made me think. It made me open the dusty archives. It gave me a laugh. 
Therefore, I present to you
Wilma's style diary 19912007

CHAPTER ONE 1991–1998
Pre-school era / being on budget / wearing other's grown out clothes 

I am pretty sure that I did not have any say in what I was wearing,
but I look cute and we have definitely declared war on broken tights:

Where did I found my style inspiration, you ask?
Well, I was just doing the basic carpe the fucking diem thing:

Everybody were on a budget in the 90s,
therefore I wore everything that was left over from the 70s and 80s:

I was your yard kind a man.
My stylist added a little pink into it, so I would not lose my lady glow:

I was waiting sadly in front of Viru centre for some decent retail stores to open.
I just had to wait 10 more years...:

That. was. my. favourite. dress. of. all. times! Hands down.
Probably only item that I got completely new without anyone having worn it before:

Bitches love fast cars and Disney characters on their shirt:

This is what I wore, when the invitation had "festive" dress code:

CHAPTER TWO 1998–2000
School era / first styling experiments / not on budget anymore

1998 was a big year – I went to school and I finally grew out my bangs 
(that I was probably born with):

In 1999 I became 8 years old,
which meant that boys were OUT and sea theme was IN:

Around then I started experimenting with styling and did some occasional fashion shows,
which my grandfather had to capture. 
10 times bigger shoes and some Pipi vibes going on:

Accessorising done right:

Little did I know back then that wooden clogs 
will cost fortune in the future (especially in Sweden):

Monochrome was very my thing:

I was very attached to this set!
When I fell and they ripped, I cried like two days in a row:

Wild life inspired outfit does not function without
super non-organic fleece jumper (that was the bomb back then):

Also, I casually sat without pants and thought about new exciting photo set ups:

Two big mistakes were made in the end of 20th century –
the bangs came back and I got a hamster as a birthday present:

Moving to the big city / gaining more independence / pre-teens

I thought little black dress is not enough, so I added a velvet vest
(from then on I always dressed myself independently, the game was on):

Bitches collecting some money for clothes and Starbucks:

In 2002 I captured my inner catholic nun.
Channeling adult vibes much?:

During the staged photoshoots I thought outside of the box,
but from Monday to Friday I was your basic bitch that did not understand how thick her hair was:

I was so clueless that I even added some fake hair to it,
because it was clearly not enough already:

If only I had stayed with timeless key pieces like jeans and white T-shirt forever.
Also, God bless the photo time stamps:

Let us all stand up and do a slow clap for these pink pants.
My most worn item in the beginning of 21th century:

Another angle. Another day. Same outfit:

Back then this was just a red hat for the dolls,
now it is sign for hell door being open (did you glimpse the pants):

2003 was all about the athleisure wear
and Hinnapomm sneakers:

Back then overalls were not just for maternity:

In 2003 I released my rap album "I did not choose thug life, it chose me":

I was bullied over big ears and fat ass,
but I was your ordinary awkward white girl:

Another year, another photoshoot.
This time I mixed Formula One, skiing style and very weird skirt together, 
as you do:

CHAPTER FOUR 2003–2007
Teenager / experimenting / from tomboy to hippie real quick

When there's a hint of lipgloss,
 it means that I have entered my teen years:

Around then I got my first period, so I entered "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" phase.
Also, my brain started to fall apart, which needed some hairbands to keep it together:

Tried to be a woman,
but wore scarf-hat made for dwarves:

I could have died for these sunglasses!
I also wanted to be Jenny from the Block:

Okay, I have lied!
I HAVE actually coloured my hair (Maian - Sinine Leek)

Year 2004 and Will Smith - Nod Ya head.
I am so proud that I chose to wear these sleek black pants that I would wear even now:

My sweet 13.
My foot-size was already sweet 40, so as a present I got these Formula One sneakers size 42,
because my parents thought I will become a giant:

Slowly but surely I started coming out from my great grandmother's closet, 
she was my biggest fashion influence:

In 2004 I had this slight tomboy period.
Probably this was inspired by the first drinking, first kiss and other zero adult supervision fun stuff:

I never wore that shirt, it was always around my hips.
I guess this trend made a comeback recently, buy I was the original persevest trend setter:

Phew, headband all there, brain safely in place:

Apologies for I have sinned:

I spent way too much time in the school-toilet because of Rate.ee:

Yes, orange AXO racing shirt was of my key items in 2004,
but then I added this slogan T-shirt that I got from a youth festival.
(Oh, and bless the scrunchies):

In 2005 the hippie in me exploded and I fully came out from my great grandmothers closet.
Also, Viru mall was opened around then:

We were all praying for better style decisions in the future:

I definitely stood out:

Attending art school and having great minds around
meant that my friends supported my creativity with clothes (I am very grateful for that):

Hips grew wider and tits grew bigger:

Last day of seventh grade a.k.a. full adults:

In 2005 I did not ask my grandfather to take pictures anymore,
now on I welcomed self-timer:

That summer I had tear channel blockage and my eyes was terribly swollen,
my teen self-esteem got a knock-out:

All my family wanted to throw away my worn-out Batman sneakers,
but Super Attak was my best friend:

During the warmest summer I had my barrette phase:

I never took it off:


A rare sight of young Wilma testing H&M out:

Often I would wear small kids dress as a top:

Like here the top is actually small girls dress and I am okay with that.
Only the cross necklace I do not get:

New year, new key items.
2005 was all about this Terranova blouse:

I actually did not scroll around in a wedding dress,
but it was for the sake of fashion shoot:

Hello, 8th grade.
My main inspiration came from music, especially Nirvana:

Adulthood scared me, so instead I turned back to basics 
and wore the backpack I entered 1st grade with:

2006 continued with the favourite Terranova shirt.
I felt pretty back then, I remember it clearly:

We were all pretty grounded back then. Simple teens with basic needs.
Comfort before fashion:

The pants were too low waist and the shirts were damn too short:

Disney characters never disappeared from my wardrobe,
not even when I popped by Statoil:

Did somebody say Disney?

That previous T-shirt went with my every outfit:

Potšahontas and emergency scarf to keep that brain in place:

This is the only thing that has gone out of fashion –
not giving shit about my skin and embracing sunburn:

Nobody believes that we were 15 back then:

Clothes have always given to opportunity to express myself and have fun:

Luckily my friends have supported me along the way:

In 2007 somebody should have told me that it is a mistake to cut bangs:

Had some weird "not sure what to be or what to wear period":

That said, I tested the trendy homeless style out:

My school was just next to Paavli second hand store.
Since we were there pretty often, than most of my clothes came from there (it was priced per kg):

Of course I continued to lurk around my great grandmothers closet,
but I was often in Sweden, so I got to know the retail world quite quick:

Around 2006 I discovered net-a-porter and Chloé,
the little hippie girl dreamed big:

Luckily I bought my graduation dress from a "real store" Zara:

And fucked the Zara dress up with ugly pearls and white tights.
Sometimes lose, always win:

As I have accidentally posted 60 or more pictures. 
Then I have to pause here and part 2 will continue in the future.

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