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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

PMS - Preparing Myself for Summer

Today I am not all glitter and unicorns, instead I am dark grey and crocodile. This said, I have a really bad mood. The higher the post amount on this blog = the better Wilma is doing mentally and physically. Do the math yourself. First of all schoolwork is growing over my head, however I am actively doing nothing to prevent this from happening. You might charge the batteries, give them a high voltage kick, but face the fact, the batteries are dead. Actually life is good and I'm whining like a white girl who cannot find Starbucks. Or like when you want to eat chips, but cannot hear the TV...or when you are hungry, but you have just brushed your teeth. Let's write this stress off on PMS as usual (being in denial that PMS does not last 24/7/365)

This weekend I got my mind off of my first world problems 
and had guests over from Sweden. 
Ze German, ze Norwegian and bunch of Estonian walked into a bar...

Now the butter is cold and I tried to spread it on my toast, but the latter ripped. 
Fuck my life!

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