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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Harri + Karolin = 4ever

Harri found this one special person that he likes more than others. 
To be clear he likes only her, he tolerates some and rest of the people...he just does not care. 
Harri + Karolin = ❤

Haapsalu railway station was where the day started.
Only doggo Vibu was very confused "Dafaq is going on?!"

I had a small outfit malfunction. Tried to be wedding worthy by asking Ottomar 
to bring me stuff from Berlin aaaaaaaaand I still used plan Y after plan A-X failed:

The most important job = taking care of the doggo:

After legal papers were signed, we continued to a magical place 
where food was delicious, alcohol did not run out and 
music ranged from "you have to listen this" to "please do not judge me":

That awkward moment when you realise that your best friends were gay the whole time:

One does not simply refuse a vodka shot that was offered by the bride:

My skin as white as Karolin's fabulous dress:

Sometimes I wish I was bald and could cross off "bad hair day" from my calendar:

People that Harri mildly tolerates:

Gentleman was testing my bed for that night:

"So you are trying to tell me
that you are single and ready to mingle?"

I am never too fat,
he is just too weak:

If Facebook would have "bromance" relationship status,
they would propose to each other:

Love is not having to hold your farts anymore:

Rare sight of bros doing their ritual dance:

iTunes and Spotify are wrong
the hottest single of the year is here:

Weddings bring out a special urge to ignore gravity:

Let there be babies cake
and lots of it:

They would do that thing that Meat Loaf refused to do:

Bye, bye Kõrge,
new era means new name:

Getting married was the best damn decision we have ever made.
Wilma loves Fred. Fred loves cake:

Some things are difficult to explain.
Unknown guest arrived. An assignment was given to the newlywed couple. 
"Üle aisa lööma" got very visual explanation. Kontvõõra tradition was perfectly completed:

Straight from Pakistan
or was it Brazil...
At least we know they are well rested:

Mister got a Laphroaig (read as LA-PRO-HH) water bottle:

The only downside of being married is that I cannot participate in flower bouquet throwing.
I genuinely like to wrestle with other sweaty single ladies: 

It's a couples thing:

Trying to find that missing heartbeat:

Not sure if strong alcohol or just drinking petroleum: 

Playing that imaginary accordion:

That amazing moment when your friend has zoned out because of
Nordica call waiting line after a flight cancellation (spot the ear piece):

Make-up tip = let a mosquito bite you on the cheeks:

After getting tired of stone dance-floor
his happy feet orgasmed on the wooden kitchen floor: 

"Excuse me, ladies, do you like items on sale?
Because at my tent your pants would be 100% off":

Let there be love. Let there be endless summer nights.
Let that wasp that bit me in the ass have a lovely rest of the year:

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