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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Värska rules, Borjomi sucks. Also known as Kõverajärve RMK.

In my younger days I dreamt about booking the RMK Sunset house. After fulfilling that dream I found out that best is yet to come and now I consider myself a professional RMK house critic.

1. Sunset house = 7/10. The house looks very cute and is situated at the Meenikunno bog. No sauna, no electricity, nothing posh. The upper floor is not isolated with a door, so embrace the warmth and crazy party people. Also, many random people were lurking around the house, so a bit more privacy was needed.

2. Kooraste house = 9/10. Best so far. The location was a winner for me, since it was very remote and blissful. On a downside the upper floor was, yet again, not isolated and the outdoor fireplace did not have a roof (problems whilst raining). Also, there was no sauna. Despite it all, I would recommend that place the highest. 

3. Kõverajärve house = 8,5/10. This time we were late with the booking and got a bit more expensive house (95 € for one night). To our surprise the house had electricity and fridge! For me it was a downside, but actually it was pretty nice to eat sour cream that did not want to explode. The lake was to die for and cleaner than at Kooraste. The upper floor was isolated, there was sauna and...wait for it... a water closet! However, neighbours were really close by  that's why it gets a lower score.

Actually you can book whatever place you like, because company is what makes it amazing.
Õnneks mul on sõpru:

This time Pärna was in charge of the menu and the cooking.
It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s and enjoyably cheap: 

Boys were dominating the kitchen:

The perks of having neighbours close by meant that three different dogs were visiting us.
Here Big Raki was amazed how cheap we were:

No network connection and stress was left behind in Tallinn:

Duckface hunting:

My third dip that summer and probably the last.
The winter is coming:

That was my bed for the night, but ducks scared the living shit out of me
aaaaand I slept inside:

Alevipoeg making his first drop:

Rare sight of female Baltic whale:

The water jet pack built inside:

Bitches love doggos:

We are less primitive than you think.
Hands up those who love Piusa cinema and "Bats and their life" movie:

Piusa dungeons and dragons bats:

Friend's helping hand is a life saver:

We tested the nearby attractions: 

And found the long lost network connection:

I have lost some weight:

Scrolling those wedding Pinterest mood-boards:

RMK dream team:

Fuck Borjomi! Värska the Original 4ever!

One hot piece of ass:

Plan A was to catch the frisbee with our butt cheeks.
However, we sucked and had to use our hands:

Sometime lose, sometimes win:

Welcome to our crib!

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