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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Second time in Warsaw

Life updates: kitchen is still under renovation, bags under my eyes are getting darker and autumn is killing blogging vibes.

Fortunately there is always light in the end of the tunnel – my routine breaker was a little business trip to autumny Warsaw. It was my second time (click to see the post) there and I was well aware that it is a massive modern city not Babushka Central. The jokes about Polish motorway hookers are sooooo yesterday. As I had a quite busy schedule there, then embrace yourselves – high amount of Culture Palace picture are coming up.

Sleepy hotel selfie.
(Just moments before I found out that hotel breakfast included DIY waffles):

The view from the office is not too shabby:

Years go by, but Wilma Circus still loves Chloé:

The Culture Palace was the centre and I moved 500 m around it (office-hotel-food).

It was the centre of everything:

At office.
Acting like there no 500 unread emails:

Warsaw is awesome! Thank you and see you soon.

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