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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Getting the taste of spring in Warsaw

Even though I am running an active campaign "Talents back home!", then some of my dearest are still leaving Estonia. For example T-Lo went to explore enormous Poland, 
luckily only until June.
I am that annoying friend who does not leave her abroad living friends alone. I will visit them. I will send them emoticons and funny cat pictures on every online platform. I will be that overly attached friend until they move back...and after that just ignore them.

Jokes aside, I miss T-Lo and went to visit her in Warsaw, 
so here is a little taste of spring and friendship:

Tried the LOT + Nordica combo out for the first time. Flight was not delayed and it got me to the destination, so I should be happy I guess. Although could someone please tell LOT that they have bought a company called Nordica not Nordika (somebody didn't read the contract through):

In my long, yet short life no one has ever greeted me with a name sign at the airport!
My cold heart started to melt:

Laine and Alma at the breakfast table:

She will stop wearing black, when they invent darker colours:

A gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland - the Palace of Culture and Science 
has now brighter colours in front of it than in the past:

If only I could, I would insert here million smiley-faces and heart emoticons, 
because I cannot describe how nice it was to meet Karolina! We last saw each other 4 years ago. 
My apologies for sounding like a old fart, but TIME FLIES! 

Thank you European Union for Erasmus programme!
The friends I found there are priceless:

The most famous Polish = John Paul II:

As I was in Warsaw during the Mayday/Labour Day and the Constitution Day of Poland,
a lot of protest took place pro and against government. 
What a crazy time we live in:

The Polish dumplings a.k.a. pirogi were to die for (both salty and sweet with berries)! 
We literally ate so much that we nearly died, but it would have been a sweet death:

Did not know that the picture was taken:

Warsaw was like one month ahead of Tallinn when talking about the weather.

Embrace yourselves the flower pictures are coming:

NB! I am not wearing white socks, it's my skin. 
When the sun is shining directly at me, 
then you have to wear sunglasses because I'm like a reflector:

The amount of grim war monuments in Warsaw was really really high:

Religion and Poland go hand-in-hand:

Seriously imposing:

God called and said that this is the way to heaven:

The moment when a blogger tries to convince you that it is not a promoted post...

Felt like my birthday:

Spring completely downloaded:

Home was that way:

This girl is in bloom:

Not sure if zen or just sleeping:

Walking around peacefully and suddenly a peacock appeared?!!

It is thinking about the ways of killing me it seems:

Even the ducks are special in Poland:

Thank you Warsaw for having me, it was a pleasure!

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