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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Christmas of 2019

Ho, ho, ho – this little ho will now conclude her busy-busy 
Christmas period, when some selfies were made,
 some dear people were met.


Lemonade kicks alkohol ass:

It was our honour to introduce one cute baby with a furry doggo.
The first kiss had already happened before this moment:

At work we did some secret santa with a 10 € budget:

Estonian ladies at their finest:

Enjoyed some seafood with the colleagues:

Celebrated little brother's arrival to the Motherland:

Duckfaced together with the bestie:

Celebrated the new kitchen with a long table (longer than my dogs body):

We were all on our tippy toes:

After all the social networking, we packed our bags and family
and went to the countryside:

Not so proud that we cut down a tree, 
but it brought so much joy and step-by-step we try to drop the habit:

Whole family was Christmas ready:

The amount of silly clothes dogs have to wear during Christmas is TOO DAMN HIGH!

The family picture is always a disaster:

The dog met the cat. The dog and cat did not like each other. They got used to each other. Even put their nose together and chilled side by side. They became almost friends. But then the love ended with teeth and claws. So close, yet so far:

I am a bit different in my family:

T-Lo had a birthday. She is like a good wine:

Reggie came home for Christmas and selfies were made:

Espirit did live performance:

The Espirit's biggest fans cheered and clapped:

Felt cute, she did not agree:

He is so sexy:

Bad boys respect women and eat healthy food:

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