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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Stockholm quickie

Do you remember TV series The Love boat? My Golden Girls and I, we tried to find the same vibe on Tallink, but all we got was more food in our tummy than our fridge and very stormy Baltic Sea.

Actually it was very amusing all together. We all got what we needed: baby mother got two nights of sleep, Swede got to breathe fresh Swedish air and the ginger got new wardrobe for her significant other.

Enough with the reality, there's a cruise somewhere with our name on it:

It amazes us that the ship was built in 2004, but it feels like it came straight from 1970s:

T-Lo birthday present brought the true girls night vibe:

We like it +18 with onions:

Our fold-up bed brings all the poses to the yard:


When we were younger, Tallink = booze cruise.
When we are older, Tallink = smoothie shots:

I have a history with these stairs and close people...
Year 2020:

Year 2010:

It does not feel like a proper cruise without 
travel host speaking Moomin Swedish with a butchered accent:

I have a long history as a cruise entertainment program critic and this time I have to say that the Ukrainian dancers were the best I have ever seen! They actually seemed to enjoy the show, instead of their previous "I hate my life on this ship" colleagues:

We were SO shocked by the fact that we enjoyed the show:

I am very fond of traditions.
Year 2020:

Year 2018 and nothing has changed:

The ship was so empty that we were the first ones to get off.
Solid ground and Swedish air made me so so so happy:

It was an honour to show the Golden Girls my hometown:

I always take my friends to Vagabond outlet and they always enjoy it:

The Vagabond and Timberland stores were empty after we left:

While others were shopping, I sat down with all the bags and enjoyed warm chocolate,
like rebel adults do:

We got no money in the bank

I took their Max burger virginity.
Please meet de luxe Crunchy Nacho Halloumi girl:

I do not have any friends so I fill the emptiness with burgers and shopping bags:

In Max burger we trust:

Checked my previous office out:

The shopping of 2020 is done:

The bold and the beautiful on the metro.

We ate at the all-you-can-eat buffet the first dinner and breakfast and after that our tummies hurt.
The last evening we went to fancy restaurant and it felt so goooooooood:

You had me at shrimp:

Ze fish at sea:

We were so impressed by the dance show the evening before,

The rough sea made my house sway and my head spin,
but the good company and lovely bargains were all worth it:

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