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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Wilma Circus in June 2020

This New Year's resolutions is getting truly ridiculous, since I will take at least one picture a day during 2020 is still going strong. Half the year is done! As seen on the pictures, my life flashes in front of my eyes. Is it just me, but I look half year more wiser?

June 2020 was eventful and rather life changing, 
but that all was faded by the amazing summer weather 
(no life achievement beats the weather topic).

1st of June
Important observation – lilacs were late bloomers this year
and my face was more pale than the same time last year:

2nd of June
Bitch looks like twelve, but met up with fabulous Golden Girls to sum up our adult points.
Kõik ei ole vaesed:

3rd of June
Happy to have no travels planned whatsoever,
so the map behind me will not get any updates:

4th of June
Bad mood, bad feeling, bad temperature, bad air, bad everything:

5th of June
We went to a restaurant first time after lock down and sniffed Noblessner from FAR-FAR away.
The normal life is more expensive than I thought, but at least I looked fabulous: 

6th of June
This picture symbolises the mess my life is and how I try to clean up myself from all the shit
(and staying relatively calm about it):

7th of June
After their online store opened in Estonia – COS, & Other Stories and Arket 
are sending me frequent parcels, but I am still kaloss-glam:

8th of June
Medical procedure provided me full anesthesia-high first time ever in my life.
"Eat your school, stay in drugs and don't do vegetables" she said and cannot remember a thing:

9th of June
More conscious and more control of my speech and movements.
Every win counts:

10th June
The lady is in denial that she will turn 30 next year.
Forever jailbait:

11th of June

12th of June
Note to self for yearly recap: this is a day to remember in 2020.
I felt like I was on top of the world with opposing a master thesis (as an expert of the subject?) 
for the first time and also started with my doctoral study negotiations. 
A lot of seeds were put into soil, let's see what grows out of it:

13th of June
First sunburn, only barefoot walking and final birthday celebration (or so I thought):

14th of June
Look at that hippie being a little bit reluctant to drive back to the Big Tall City:

15th of June
Basic white girl walking her dog:

16th of June
Memmede pesu pesemine and the final birthday celebration:

17th of June
Cancelled my gym membership and started to invest more on Photoshop:

18th of June
These two colourful condoms were a little late to a massive thunderstorm:

19th of June
Human reflector with a fisherman hat laid on a trampoline 
the whole day and read Game of Thrones book:

20th of June
Three yours in a row (ka-la-pulk-ka-la-pulk), we have had a songwriting camp – 
year 2020 we created our massive radio hit in Käsmu.
We were inspired by the sea, I looked fabulous and the song will be released soon:

21st of June
The day after Käsmu vibes, 
life was pretty good:

22nd of June
The only thing I did was touch my hair from morning until evening:

23rd of June
Midsummer madness was cancelled and I followed governmental advice to spend the day with close family and friends. IF somebody ever says that there is always shitty weather during Midsummers

24th of June
Two days and I visited ALL my grandparents (danger!).
"EAT SOME MORE" they all said – 
I was trying to keep all the grill sausages in and swallowed my pride:

25th of June
30 degrees and Linnar Priimägi vibe:

26th of June
Received some really heartbreaking news, 
but washed the sadness away with this year's first dip:

27th of June
In Tartu and reunions with deskmates we trust:

28th of June
Field pictures and useless deodorant – ahh, smells like summer:

29th of June
You like spring onion crisps?
I like spring onion backpack:

30th of June
Bye, bye eventful June and long hair:

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