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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Bandcamp 3.0 – Käsmu edition

I just quoted myself from last year, as we have managed to continue this pleasurable pastime. The band is still together and producing amazing music – one song every year.

This year bandcamp happened in Käsmu 
& the "Beibi tule pardale" was born.
* And in between creative music session we had a photoshoot, because both eyes and ears need some love:

"Beibi tule pardale" premiere:

The day started with romantic lunch together with Fred at Kaspervik:

When we had three course fancy meal...:

...then later on L-Pic arrived in style with quality gourmet:

No music is done with an empty stomach:

You put food into that mouth and afterwards money is coming out:

After few hours full of beats and rhymes,
the talent needed some fresh air:

The extra € we paid for the robes was well spent:

"Enne ei tea, mis on tõeline mereand,
kui pole kannikate vahele pand"

This is how our band will climb up the Estonia TOP 50 chart:

Beibi, tule pardale:

The moment I tried to calm my titties:

I feel that dress codes are discriminating as they
force me to tone down my natural fabulousness:

Skills 500 =
his look makes girls pregnant,
she can make anything innocent perverted:

I am so fabulous that my fart is pure glitter:

Twosome? threesome? Noup, for you it's handsome:

The album cover was born:

This is second highest rated lava lamp on Amazon
(the highest ranked could not be shipped to Estonia):

This is his "welcoming" Tinder profile picture:

When we play dope melody,
anything less than best is a felony:

It was summer solstice, the longest day of the year
and we chose to spend it at magical Käsmu making music until early morning.
Well played, well played:


Our previous hits, never forget:

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