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Monday, November 30, 2020

Wilma Circus in November 2020

From 1st of January I started taking daily pictures of myself –  
I have now done it eleven months straight, every single day. 

Rather surprisingly I have enjoyed this process a lot.
It's empowering to see that after a shitty day, 
the sun comes up again. 

Also, I have survived November, the most terrible time of the year! Another C-19 test behind me, I can proudly embrace my negativity.

1st of November
Look at this bloody boring cooking show:

2nd of November
Yawning my brains out, because too little light, too little sleep:

3rd of November
Home office ergonomics at its finest:

4th of November
Look what the cat dragged in.
The ex employee wanted a mirror selfie:

5th of November
Vampire's Wife or Mustamäe Bitch?

6th of November
Bougie getaway to Viljandi Park Hotel:

7th of November
Domestic tourist by day and theater enthusiast by night.
*applause for Karl*:

8th of November
Wilma loves Fred and hotel breakfast:

9th of November
Returning home was a deep fall out of glamour:

10th of November
This is how I wait food to be ready.
I put my soul into it:

11th of November
I bit my lips, because it makes me feel sexy (not look sexy):

12th of November
Bye, bye future presidential campaign.
These nudes (with dog licking my feet) have cancelled my future political career: 

13th of November
My office is just one metre away. 
This is the lunch and resting area:

14th of November
If you say pumpkin spice latte three times 
a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you all her favorite things about fall:

15th of November
Thinking about all the fun that is running out from my life
and all the seriousness that is stepping in:

16th of November
Shut up and give me choco puffs, 
the 4th season of the Crown is here!:

17th of November
Home office kills the sense of time.
But staying at home kills the second C-19 wave:

18th of November
I was clueless about all the terrible things that were about to happen.
But doggo already sensed the future:

19th of October
This is me laying in the hospital bed and thinking
"How the hell the food here can be SO horrible?":

20th of November
Hospital check out + quality food = amazing day.
As I am standing on my own two feet, then no need to ask how am I feeling:

21st of November
The rare sight of bedbug:

22nd of November
I got this T-shirt for my Japan trip that never happened.
Now I wear it in my bedroom. Almost there, but not quite yet:

23rd of November
I have scaled down from 13 000 steps a day to 800.

24th of November
I'm just a basic white girl with little rainbow underneath.
Dedicated to my little brother 
who was nominated for the Future Leader prize at British LGBT awards:

25th of November
Having very intelligent talks with myself:

26th of November
Fred secretly woke up early and made surprise pancakes.
Also, elves brought cookies and batteries in my slipper.

27th of November
50 shades of brown:

28th of November
First time outdoors after 7 days.
Aka horrible busy day turning oxygen into carbon dioxide:

29th of November
I got tired of being part of that major historical event and invited some friends over.
With my fellow humans we pillaged the Westeros:

30th of November
Has a very efficient meeting with me, myself and I.
Nobody complained, nobody disagreed:

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