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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wilma Circus in June 2021

Congratulation on my new adorable reason to be awake the whole month. 
I am not joking, my mind is so exhausted that I cannot even remember my name. 

You can't fix crazy, but you can document it.

1st of June
I appreciate this box like device that moves up and down without me moving my legs
(this was worth selling my soul to the bank):

2nd of June
"Hello, this is Wilma"
"Hi, we lilacs, we bloomin'"

3rd of June
Irrationally irritated by myself.
My fragile state of mind cried a little and called Fred to come home early (he did).
Red eyes, broken soul and a baby to take care of:

4th of June
Look at this bloody Crocs hetero combo:

5th of June
Lower your flags to half mast for my boobs.
I got 40°C fewer and the milk is boiling:

6th of June
New mirror, new selfie spot, high from medicine:

7th of June
I always open my balcony door like a nasty sexy whore:

8th of June
Fair enough that you vaguely see what I am wearing,
since actually I was wearing underwear the whole day
and only dressed up for quick Selver:

9th of June
Grandmother took the child on a spin, so I could go and get C-19 vaccine.
Best shot I have ever had (besides that fentanyl that I got during labour):

10th of June
My bed looks like someone has slept in it and that's a lie. 
We can throw the piece of furniture out, since it has become completely useless:

11th of June
Baby's first party. And she spent it like her mom few years back
passed out and slobbering:

12th of June
Current emotions = like I'm free falling and gravity is a bitch:

13th of June
We bought a new couch, but soon after covered it with protective garments.
Now I get why all furniture in the Telenovelas were covered with plastic...too much shit to handle:

14th of June
Aladdin vibes and quick shower before baby starts screaming:

15th of June
If being in my pyjamas the whole day is wrong, then I don't want to be right:

16th of June
Celebrating one month of parenthood a.k.a.
you can't fix crazy, but you can document it:

17th of June
Ma piilusin põõsast ja põrandapraost,
ma piilusin mistahes maailmajaost,
ma piilusin lakast ja laost,
ma piilusin katuseviiludest
ja terve mu päev möödus piiludes!

18th of June
Šarik came back from "Let's spare him from the first baby madness" vacation.
The hairy doggo spent some hours at the beauty parlor
during which we did some 32°C Stromka chill: 

19th of June
Screaming baby in one hand and doggo that needs to pee in the other.
It's fun they said, you will survive this they said:

20th of June
12 aastat hiljem ostsin sama maja tagasi:

21st of June
No blood, no tears, just sweat.
Being hormonal during heatwave is such much fun:

22nd of June
During the heatwave it's important to dress for the body you have
not for the body you want:

23rd of June
Midsummer eve and the only rebel thing we did
was to spend the night away from home (first time with the baby):

24th of June
Lost my head with being social.
I want to go back to my cave:

25th of June
On Fridays Fred is on paternity leave
and I am chilling alone in the fitting rooms:

26th of June
Doggo went all loco and I was more amused than is appropriate: 

27th of June
Granny took Pebbles which meant that
first time after giving birth Fred and I were alone.

28th of June
The strength of my vanity is strong.
The strength of dad putting his kid to sleep is stronger:

29th of June
Look at this bloody professional photographer
pushing iPhone screen with her big toe:

30th of June
The wind may or may not expose my trussiki the second later:

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