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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The story of birds, bees and the Mini-Me(s)

Disclaimer before scrolling down: not all people want to have kids, not all people can have kids, not all people should have kids. The situation is personal, only yours and no one else's. 
No pressure. No connection to self worth.

Here is a story when you forgot to use a condom. Or how our friends and us decided to have kids just months/days apart, so in the future we could have united fun at the PTA meetings.

The moment when you're asked "Do you want to have a second kid? And when?": 

I really thought that we aren't able to plan a successful "Meet my baby" event
before all the kids get their driving licence. BUT WE DID!:

Fuck parenthood hectic schedule, you're not getting the best of us.
Miracles were made and 7 kids were together in the same premises at the same time:   

"Sleep when your baby is sleeping".
Should I shower, when my baby is showering. Should I cook food, when my baby is cooking food?

It's their second.
They have a PhD in parenthood:

Their elder kid is a true inspiration to us.
It's all worth it. The sun will come out after few years:

The amount of grown-up-points is damn high,
the amount of sleeping hours is so damn low:

My classmate with her classmate with my kid's future classmate:

Their are plotting a cruel plan to start crying at 3AM with no reason:

He protec, he attac, he like snac:

The fresh breath of air a.k.a. our sane friends without kids
who listen us bitch about parenthood.
They let us tell the most insane poop jokes without judging us:

He eats his thumb...

...and he is a polite gentleman, he offers his thumb to his mom too:

Is it a baby bed?
Or am I just selling snacks?

The baby is wondering how potty training is an improvement of their current situation?

The couples that wear bucket hats together, will stay together:

She is on higher level of parenthood.
Her situation gives us hope:

The cool EKRE dudes would be really proud of us:

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