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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wilma Circus in September 2021

 The gloomy times always start with dazzling celebrations. 
It was a good idea to get married on the 1st of September.

1st of September
This hot mama showered and brushed her teeth:

2nd of September
Suddenly having a strong dislike towards returning to hostile Tallinn.
Making up plans A, B & C how to dodge the bullet:

3rd of September
I still cannot believe how much labour is hyped up and how postpartum gets glossed over.
Every day is a struggle. I'm just lucky to have a chill kid (it was not always like this), 
so I can gather my thoughts:

4th of September
Where were we? Of course back in Tallinn, 
because cars, cars everywhere:

5th of September
Fred & Pebbles are making the fastest lap.
Šarik & I are pit stopping:

6th of September
Hoping that every random forest road takes us to lovely adventures
not to goblins or other evil creatures:

7th of September
Tries to look like a gangster
but actually goes to sleep at 8PM:

8th of September
My hair is massively falling out, so to hold them together I put them in a bun.
Next stop = super glue (or baldness):

9th of September
This is how I feel running with a small baby between back to back doctor appointments:

10th of September
Stains. Stains. Stains everywhere:

11th of September (daytime)
Wilma got an electric bicycle, Fred got his muscles and Pebbles got a royal carriage.
This is how 25 kilometres came with an ease:

11th of September (nighttime)
The advisory board meeting came together and decided that
we are still fabulous:

12th of September
There's hair in my food. There's hair in my buttcrack.
This is an emergency that only a hairdresser can resolve
(+ a little eye and tit surgery wouldn't do no harm):

13th of September
From massive hairloss to protective helmet:

14th of September
It was totally planned that my look embraces 
the new Scandinavian Vogue parcel:

15th of September
Japanese tourist in my living room:

16th of September
The secret MILF club:

17th of September
She eats. She sleeps. She poops.
And she is the star of the show:

18th of September
The essence of dull day captured by potato camera:

19th of September
My fashion inspiration? North Korea coordinated outfit:

20th of September
Trying to catch my youth by recreating the Rate.ee angles:

21st of September
The day I returned to the office, while Pebbles was 4 months old.
Let's now thinks about my decisions:

22nd of September
Waiting for my psychologist appointment.
Last scheduled meet up, now she is just a phone call or email away:

23rd of September
All alone with Pebbles, since Fred was at work and afterwards at theatre.
No drama, all chill. I survived and even tested Pebbles night lamp out for photography purposes:

24th of September
The day before Fred went to see the play, now it was my turn.
Doing things together is cancelled until further notice:

25th of September
"Sleep a lot beforehand"
"Soon you will have it very tough"
"You don't have time to eat nor live"
"You have to put your ego down"
First of all, keeping your comments to yourself is golden.
Secondly, I have not turned into a mother, I made motherhood something very me.
No need to put my life on pause, putting myself first is the best I could do for Pebbles:

26th of September
Autumn romance.
The air is getting colder, so the warm moisture of Šarik's poop condenses into 
tiny droplets of water that appear like a small, misty cloud. 

27th of September
The state of my tummy and nipples will never be the same,
but at least I'm trying to get that stiff body back to wearing jeans:

28th of September
My ordinary I-rather-wear-a-paperbag-and-let-my-personality-shine-through day

29th of September
There's a lot of time to kill
when Šarik has to pee on every leaf of the ground:

30th of September
Continuing the project "In the world of Destiny's Children be Beyonce"
 and introducing Pebbles strong Just do it role models:

Wake me up, when September ends.

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