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Friday, September 03, 2021

Last days of summer in Haapsalu – 4 divorce-free years

There's this cute yellow house in Haapsalu full of annual traditions (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020).
There's this cute little Ian that brings us together.

However, this year the shitty weather and newborn babies cancelled our yearly custom (tear). But I felt that without the dose of Haapsalu 
I might not survive the upcoming winter.

it was perfect place to celebrate our day of 4-divorce-free-years.

So I packed up Fred, myself and Pebbles and spent a week in paradise.

Arriving in style during #bändisärgipäev:

The last days of bare knees:

"Yo, mom & dad. You like poo? It's in my pants:

The bliss = having a delicious breakfast...
....and watching Formula 1 (wait, what?!):

Breastfeeding at first was burden, failure and source of great worry. 
I cried and thanks to the local healthcare discourse I wanted to stop. 
Hell knows how I managed to continue. 
But here I am, finally I have found some peace with it. 
And now I actually feel a weird bond between Pebbles and me:

Formula 1 puts me on the edge on my seat:

Moms + babies = total turn off
Dads + babies = total turn on:

These legs set a "steps in one day" record:

Haapsalu riviera:

His top is autumn,
his bottom still enjoys the summer:

This little bunny knows how to chill and relax:

The house that has hole in the floor
that exposes subtle sea:

"I throw my legs up in the air sometimes saying ayo
I'm a potato":

Fred just looks at our big feet
and is terrified how Pebbles' future will look like:

To keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.
Respect is the only rule in a relationship and nothing to do with gender:

Cha cha cha cha, choo choo train,
we need that one on the Haapsalu choo choo lane:


24/7 drive-through restaurant: 

When baby is sleeping, then parents are 
face down ass up drinking tea and playing board games:

That person who decided to put ears on baby clothes was a pure genius:

My therapist says that depression can be soothed with daily steps.
I obey:

Found this baby bunny hopping around:

Due to weather forecast I packed my wellingtons and rain gear,
however the reality was so much better:

Fred went to Tallinn office and girls were chillin' alone:

Catching that last doses of vitamin D: 

My milkshake brings all the sleep to the yard:

A baby that sleeps 12h straight during the night
and a mom that lies that sleep deprivation is the cause of her mental blankness.
The truth is that I'm just getting dumber:

It feels like I have either done some happy drug
or Haapsalu truly is a wonderland:

Just pretty:

Just tall:

One has achieved 20 000 steps,
the other one did 0 steps:

Pooper Woofer arrived to Haapsalu:

Forecast said grey.
Reality was blue:

My two yoga instructors:

Home office glamour and Zoom-Zoom-Zoom:

Ok bye, I'm moving here:

Tudikiisu Piimapuuks Pebbles:

Take your clothes off and show some skin:

Mommy daycare and Daddy spa:

No internet. No TV.
Yes books. Yes boardgames:

Then came the 1st of September, the celebrations of our private kind of happiness.

Us in 2021. Still going strong:

For the special day I showered:

The power of not cycling for more than a year + strong headwind: 

For our wedding anniversary my mom came to serve grandmother duties.

How much has Wilma changed?

In 2021 I prefer flat shoes and bras:

In 2017 the heels were high and the tits were free:

In 2017 the keyword was 'singular':

2021 is more about 'plural':

Snabba Kaninen. Kärme Küülik. Fast Rabbit:

11 years together. 4 years married. 3 months of parenthood.
Still very much in love:

Past few months, even years have felt like falling down the stairs
and now I'm slowly back on my feet:

The heir to the throne, Pebbles Circus:

Trying to spend some one-on-one time with the old man Šarik:

I see your Mediterranean Sea and Lake Como
and raise you Väike Wiik:

We prefer bed and long zzzzz:

In science we trust.
Thanks IVF. Thanks Haigekassa:

The moment I told her where babies come from:

My tremendous gratitude goes to family Müürivahe

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