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Monday, July 29, 2019

Bandcamp 2.0

My friends and I, we have a hobby – we come together and make brilliant music. Slowly, but surely we produce one song every year. In 2018 it was all about fish sticks (listen below). This year something amazing is in the making...

Our official band picture (the cover of our biography chapter "Before they were famous"):

Summer time jammin':

We loaded the car with n+1 electronic music gadgets and 1 dog.
Next stop = bandcamp 2019:

Bitches scream "STAAAPH", so boyfriends can have a heart attack and hit the brake.
Unplanned photoshoots at it's finest:

It is know that average lifespan in Estonia is 73,7 years for males and 82,3 years for females.
Scientist are trying desperately find the reason between the noticeable age gap:

We will never be famous musicians or professional athletes,
but we're having fun, God dammit!

I like our artsy with a glimpse of fartsy:

We blurp out something and Fred makes us sound heavenly
(dog just wants to go back to the shelter):

"Hoomans, you sing really bad. Please invest in autotune":

Amazing tune soon playing on radio...

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