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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Lisbon. Pebbles' first trip abroad.

After one year and ten months I wanted to be the travel blogger again. 
The wounds from cancelled Japan trip have recovered,  
the C-19 vaccines are doing their job, and Pebbles needed to see the world 
so she wouldn't grow up as narrow-minded brick.

Our destination was determined by important numbers, 
87% totally vaccinated population + 24°C gentle breeze = 
Olá Portugal

Wilma: "oMg tRAveLLiNg iS mY pASsiON"
Pebbles "I has a passport? I'm going to places"
Fred "Vamoš"

The new reality of travelling means that our AirBnb has a
baby bed, baby bath, baby chair and sexy baby daddy:

Look at this stupid blogger still wearing her wool blazer:

Sun as bright as my kids future:

When my pulse says "DEAD" from climbing all the hills, 
the funicular comes to rescue:

Pretty tiles, man, pretty tiles everywhere:

That weird moment when you find the most delicious non-alcoholic beer
in the country of wine:

 My mini-me is the upgraded version of me.
Bolder and more beautiful: 

Lisbon is the city on seven hills, and of course, going home means climbing the Mount Everest.
RIP my chubby legs and wobbly buttcheeks: 

Life's too short for monochromic boredom:

"This vacay thing is cool, but jokes on you, 
because I cannot remember a thing from this trip":

That heart-warming feeling when your receive a text saying

After carrying extra 7kg around the whole day in the hilly city,
Fred started his grape juice diet:

Big square, such much tourist:

Us and the random guy in the background, 
the urban love story:

Chris promised to take our Hetero Cringe Trio to somewhere very gay.
And here we are discussing Eurovision (as it should be):

IVF baby and a shelter dog,
we all find our way, despite it all:

Everyone needs an awesome Local Chris to keep the wisdom in and smiles on faces:

I'll just rest my ass against this door for a moment:

5 months old international baby flying around:

The rainbow of Lisbon:

I learned to breastfeed in the upright position for this trip.
The scenery was such much worth it:

The king and the heir to the throne:

To regain all the calories lost:

Mixing gourmet octopus with warm picnic vibes:

Looking at some bars?
Noup, just checking out what baby gear other parents are using:

20 000 steps and a stroller to carry all our bags:

Join our scooter gang:

"Shiiiite, the world is so much bigger than I thought":

Rua Washington:

10/10 would recommend Pebbles as a travel buddy:

When locals wear winter coats
then 25°C is the peak of summer for us:

My hips appreciate the daily gelato time:

"That's a weird dog" Pebbles thought:

Google Maps told us that this route is "Mostly flat".
That bitch lied:

I love when my life goes downhill:

The face when she got another free Lufthansa merch:

Fred was like a kangaroo with his Joey:

Living my next five months in darkness, let me have this moment:

What's cookin', good lookin'?:

Chilling under an orange tree,
the usual:

Typical Estonian leaning towards free stuff:

"Pebbles, you tired from all the walking?"

One beer, one pastéis de nata and one breastmilk coming up:

November called and said that this is not normal:

Big fish, cold beer:

An old geezer and a MILF:

Back in Estonia the weather was cold and the C-19 situation was terrible.
"How about burning those return tickets?"

Walking aimlessly just to find another pastéis de nata top-up place:

Living my champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

Fred had a day off from us.
And he spent it training his steel legs (like he hadn't had enough workout already):

I was like 8 or 9, when I went abroad the first time. Finland.
Pebbles is 5 months. Germany AND Portugal. 
What a time to be alive!:

What time is it? G-E-L-A-T-O o'clock!

"Shut up and take my money" kind of real estate:

It was my turn to carry Pebbles around.
I'm drying my armpits here:

We were relieved when Fred returned and joined us.
I'm too wuss to do the single parenting:

The home street. The local cafes. The local stores.
Such much good vibes:

Parental leave at its finest:

New day. New place to flop my boob out:

I was nice to put my complaining (my favourite winter sport) on pause:

Cool as a fool in the swimming pool:

Just relax and accept the crazy:

Thanks to my therapist I learned to love her:

Hands up if you have teeth in your month:

My self-timer is legendary:

Imagine the first warm day of the season.
You step outside without tights.
And you feel that warm breeze through your leg hair.

The driver took a wrong turn, but the passenger is sleeping
and cannot give a bad review:

Portugal calls for port wine:

It's that time of the year when polar bears start drinking Coke again:

It might give a wrong impression that life with Pebbles is all rainbows and butterflies.
It's actually a lot of tears, sweat and poo. But it's fine, we're a good team:

Also, seeing your significant other together with your kid.
Heart. Skips. A. Beat:

Poor kid, doesn't yet know what gelato is:

When a hippo tries to be a bird:



Romantic scenery and random Wilma pops up

The face after night full of ambulance and the emergency room.
A little shock, but we're fine, just tired:

DJ Espirit and DJ Lil Sips

My alone time is full of reckless jumping:

Despite the nervous plane trip and emergency ambulance rides,
we will definitely travel soon again:

Teleportation would come handy about now:

Baby doesn't mean that you have to put your life on pause.
Livin' la vida loca:

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