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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Wilma Circus in November 2021

From 25°C to fluffy snow. 
My November was amazingly joyful. Never have I ever used the word 'joyful' and 'November' in the same sentence.

1st of November
New weight on my shoulders:

2nd of November
When packing for the vacation takes longer time than the actual vacation:

3rd of November
When in doubt, then have doubts about doubting:

4th of November
Learning the letters so I could write my name without autocorrect:

5th of November
How is travelling with a baby?
Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy (read with Eminem's voice):

6th of November 
Ready, set, PORTUGAL:

7th of November
Unbuttoned shirt and 'tights are not jeans':

8th of November
She's walking on sunshine, wooo-ooh-oow:

9th of November
Wilma has vitamin D and no urge to call her therapist: 

10th of November
Baby is out of office:

11th of November
I love when balcony is not a fridge (like back at home):

12th of November
My life is like a Pinterest board:

13th of November
The basic white girls has Mediterranean sparkle:

14th of November
Faces after night at the emergency room:

15th of November
Not going back to gloomy Estonia:

16th of November
I tried to resist, but they tricked me into coming back to Estonia.
Flying high on Pebbles' birthday:

17th of November
Beebi tehnoülevaatus:

18th of November
National Library of Estonia will reopen again when Pebbles turns 5.
But before a little RaRa chill during the night:

19th of November
Introduction to Moominvalley:

20th of November
Trend item A/W 2021 = maternity bra:

21st of November
Pringles, F1 and menstruate with pride:

22nd of November
From 25°C to this:

23rd of November
The first snow for the May Flower:

24th of November
Laundry day:

25th of November
Bad day, shitty mood,
only dose of AOE will help:

26th of November
Winter is for layers,
like Joey wore all Chandlers clothes:

27th of November
All-advent-calendars-were-sold-out face:

28th of November
Scored this Kenzo x H&M shirt from Liis Lemsalu, from the goddess herself:

29th of November
The cool gang at the playground:

30th of November
We share the same sense of humour and an understanding that I'm a bit funnier:

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