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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Wilma Circus birthday festival – corona cocktails

Previous year I did my best to push Pebbles out as fast as possible, because by no means I wanted to share my birthday with her. The failure of giving birth and thereof, our birthday festivals are six days apart. So I got what I wished for? Kind of. 

Fred didn't wish any of this, since his May includes Estonian Mother's Day, Pebbles & Wilma's birthday and ends with Swedish Mother's day. 
Give the guy a break (of those Mother's Day deal newsletters).

After returning from Sweden earlier than planned, we got a gift that I didn't ask for – cOrOnAvIrUs (read with Cardi B voice). Two years and two month after the trend started, we finally jumped on the back wagon. 

In 2021 I made peace with the fact that six days after giving birth my birthday was somewhat cancelled. Luckily I had Eurovision Final on that day to sooth my soul. This year there was no 12 points, just sadness and loneliness in my soul (the title of my next year Euro entry).

So here I am, two days of isolation left. For the matter of clarity, due to unseen circumstances, I'm still 29. 

Fever made us hot, so I asked Fred to grab the camera and document the chaos. Why so many identical pictures, you ask? 
Never explain. Never complain. 
Terrible birthday, but at least I looked stunning.

My preferred style of dressing alike =
 one fabric, different Destiny's Children:

The level of hotness? 
37,6°C at that very moment:

The Flamingo Mama & The Little Funky Donkey:

Instead of 10-day isolation,
I asked for long-lasting away time from the fam. 
Sometimes lose, always win:

Showing that Earth is not flat and in vax we trust:

If I'm having low days like these,
then I just squeeze my rubber boat and ventilate:

Point your finger towards the ones
who will change back to PJs faster than light:

We're not always sick,
but when we are, we're breathless:

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