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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Wilma Circus in May 2022

Look what the blogger cat dragged in, a wounded Wilma Circus, who had the highest of highs and lowest of lows in May. At least I have Pebbles' birthday Stockholm trip to fall back upon.

We got the corona waaaayyyy after it was trending all over the world. Physically slightly inconvenient, but the timing falling on my birthday together with a baby in the house exaggerated the whole experience.  

The biggest disaster happened on the 14th of May, as after 864 days I finally forgot to take the daily picture of myself. It was the Eurovision final (fav!), I was packing for Stockholm, Fred and I were certain that we captured the moment, however our camera and phones show no proof of it. 

I was really pissed about the error and dramatically promised to stop this ridiculous New Year's resolution. Yet I have to admit that my therapist was right, this monthly recap is a true antidepressant for me. And guess what, I hate myself off the meds.
So here we go again:

1st of May
Balcony season 87% downloaded:

2nd of May
The chairmen of My Kid Ate Shit committee:

3rd of May
"I look right, you look left,
maybe we can spot the warm spring temperatures":

4th of May
Look at this sexy cleaning service:

5th of May
With great power come great electricity bill:

6th of May
Spring stopped playing hard to get
and it was suddenly picnic o'clock:

7th of May
I told her how expensive curtains are and she shat her pants: 

8th of May
Raggedy Wilma: 

9th of May
ArrrArrrArrr – carrying this wild pirate safely to the shores:

10th of May
It's called outdoorsy & fabulous:

11th of May
Look at this intelligent fucktart dressed up for theatre:

12th of May
*insert a joke how females are bad drivers*

13th of May
Judging people as the walk by:

14th of May
Let's lower our head for sadness. 
I fucked up during the Eurovision final (my favourite time of the year)

15th of May

16th of May
Hello, Stockholm!
Hello, Pebbles 365 around the sun:

17th of May
My favourite city, my favourite season, my favourite child:

18th of May
Never too old for miniskirts:

19th of May
A feeling sponsored by Tallink:

20th of May
We rollin', they hatin':

21st of May
Sent the family away to be alone all day, alone all night.
That's the perfect birthday present:

22nd of May
On my birthday I always look hot:

23rd of May
Look at this old lady taking pictures with her flowers:

24th of May
Coronavirus on the balcony: 

25th of May
Coronavirus on grass:

26th of May
Coronavirus on the couch:

27th of May
Coronavirus in our bed:

28th of May
Already started to plan my 2023 birthday to ease the pain:

29th of May
Jumping on the bed is such much allowed in the Circus family:

30th of May
Walking into summer like:

31st of May
Ok, bye. 
Eurovision is over. Birthdays are over. Favourite month is over:

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