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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wilma Circus in August 2022

I would like start with an easy-breezy joke. But my August 2022 was far from funny, so I'll let it be.

Being at my lowest, I halted the "Picture a day" streak on this blog. But guess what? Oddly I still continued to photograph myself. Except it took me two month of healing to be able to watch the photos I made back then and conduct a post.

It's okay not to be okay. 

My mental health counsellor told me that these post are my anti-depressant that help with self-awareness, regulating emotion and motivation building. 

It actually works! Looking back I have proof that after a shitty day (or week or uncertain period of time) it gets better. 
spoiler alert: first day of feeling better:

1st of August
Family lunch at a restaurant and FYI sushi is Pebbles' favourite food:

2nd of August
Stayed in bed the whole day
and postponed the idea of being functional human:

3rd of August

4th of August
Without the ability of controlling my own thoughts and the way in which I should behave,
I gave Pebbles sugary smoothie and SHE WENT BONKERS:

5th of August
As Fred and Pebbles spent time at the countryside, I had a lot of alone time to reflect.
If MSN would still exist, then my status would be full of EMO emojis:

6th of August
Me listening sad music when I am sad to make me even more sad:

7th of August
My little brother is one the most empathetic and humorous persons I know.
He just lifts me up like those balloons in the Pixar film Up:

8th of August
When I get naked in the bathroom, 
the shower gets turned on:

9th of August
I don't want to remember that day.
Thank you, next (read with Ariana Grande's voice):

10th of August
Pebbles' room has the best lighting in the house,
but the toys are killing my super grownup and mature vibe:

11th of August
Too fast and too furious:

12th of August
My best friend, Johannes to my Alma:

13th of August
My outfit reflects my feelings.
Arvamusfestival and lunch at Põhjaka – a day of high spirits:

14th of August
Destiny's Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

15th of August
Musta Täku Tall, oo vaata kaarti, ma olen Jänedal

16th of August
Fabulous called. We answered:

17th of August A
Also known as the person who will laugh during the eulogy of my funeral 
because he knows the real story:

17th of August B
Nothing tastes as good as an outfit change:

18th of August
The glam dropped heavily as I arrived home
and the heathwave turned up a notch:

19th of August
Pebbles was telling anecdotes:

20th of August
My bucket hat slays hard:

21st of August
Age of Empires connects people and families:

22nd of August
The mister that gives me motivation to shine bright like a diamond.
Wilma, Ian and the Queen Bee:

23rd of August
Sometimes your mood is lifted by a good poop:

24th of August
Pretending that presumed skincare routine is the equivalent of me getting my life in order:

25th of August
The Pärna family came to play before travelling the New York.
With a toddler! Mad respect! (not playing, but the travelling part):

26th of August
They see us rollin', they lovin':

27th of August
Twice in Haapsalu during the same month?

28th of August
I'm a chameleon that blends in with the house:

29th of August
Picking flowers:

30th of August
The drastic weather change is clearly visible.
The drastic change of emotions, compared the beginning of the month, can be seen too:

31st of August
Two stoners:

Disclaimer: none of my hardship was caused by Pebbles. 
I have found my suitable form of being a mother and she is just kindest/smartest/sweetest kid.
(very humble objective opinion)

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