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Monday, October 31, 2022

Wilma Circus in October 2022

A month full of beautiful reunions.

1st of October
Daytime reunion:

1st of October continues
Look at this bloody bloggers.
The Castle of Fashion and Wilma Circus reunited again:

1st of October still continues
Toilet mirrors bring out the best of us:

2nd of October
Buy a king size bed and still use the 50cm of it:

3rd of October
Your usual kitchen stretch:

4th of October
Couch potato autumn edition:

5th of October
I know exactly why there's no 9th of August,
but 5th of October probably got erased with no reason.
I fucked up:

6th of October
Hello darkness, my old friend.
Goodbye vitamin D, see ya in 6 months again:

7th of October
First PTA meeting at the kindergarten,
serious mom look downloaded:

7th of October continues
A day for just Wilma and Fred,

8th of October
My mind is telling me yoga,
my body is telling me NO-ga:

9th of October
Congratulation, we now wake up at the time 
I used to go to sleep on Saturday: 

10th October
Raspberries in October,
 the global warming is scary shit:

10th of October continues
Pumpkin spice latte girls:

11th of October
Libistan sussi:

12th of October
A day of me-me-me-me and me.
Eating alone (on purpose) is a bliss:

13th of October
Birthmark surgical removal gave me a little high,
so I became fast and furious (in my mind):

14th of October
Date night means I take my Chloé bag out to play:

15th of October
"I'm very sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you,
but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet":

16th of October
Should I cut my fringe, that is the question:

17th of October

17th of October

18th of October
Someone's pissed:

19th of October
Yes, I cut my fringe.
Yes, we at IKEA again:

20th of October
POV when you're my kid:

21st of October
I'm not always Vogue, sometimes I'm Humpty Dumpty:

22nd of October
Darude - Sandstorm

23rd of October
I'm having technical difficulties with my attitude:

24th of October
Knock-knock! Who's there?

25th of October
Salty water and AOE:

26th of October
You're having fun at the stock market,
we're just buying berries at the ordinary market:

27th of October
When you're enthusiastically introducing life,
but she's not having it:

28th of October
Collection Of Style:

28th of October continues
The pretty lady had a birthday party
so I didn't see the AK that evening:

29th of October
The art of doing nothing:

30th of October
Theatre evening with the mother-in-law:

31st of October
Halloween spin:

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