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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wilma Circus November 2022

Embrace yourselves, bunch of elevator selfies coming up.

Also, Pebbles started kindergarten and we kinda happy.

1st of November
Visiting the best interior designer in town:

2nd of November
Battery low. Cannot use force:

3rd of November
Prisma makes your dreams come true:

4th of November
Pants are ripped and head is lost:

5th of November
Club Pyjamas with DJ Pillow:

6th of November
Armastus käib kõhu kaudu.
Põhjaka 4ever:

7th of November
Wanna be on the top? 
Take the elevator:

8th of November
This family is at IKEA too damn often:

9th of November
Sometimes I stare myself in the mirror
and think "Damn, this girls is on fireee!" (read with Alicia Keys voice):

10th of November
Showing Pebbles my art collection:

11th of November
*insert uplifting elevator jokes here*

12th of November
These feet are not meant to walk the stairs:

13th of November
New lamps, who dis?

14th of November
20th century meets 21st century:

15th of November
You call it mess, I call it art:

16th of November
Elevator picks us up when we are down:

17th of November
The main goal to have a kid?
To dress alike:

18th of December
Look at these bloody beautiful people at theatre:

18th of November continues
After Fahrenheit 451 I needed to clean my soul:

19th of November
Sometimes classy, sometimes trashy.
Sometimes I can't find any pants:

20th of November
Rolling in the snoooooooow (read with Adele's voice):

21st of November
"That's great that you came to pick me up from kindergarten,
now please lift my hat, I cannot see a bloody thing":

22nd of November
My sweater has one mini-bunny missing:

23rd of November
We sick. We chill. We want spring:

24th of November
Kinoteatri MM Katarsis might be the peak of 2022:

25th of November
Waltzing through life:

26th of November
All the guests enjoy my 9 timer pictures:

27th of November
Humpback whale and her kiddo:

28th of November
Angry wife with a dough roll:

29th of November

30th of November
Sometimes naughty and sometimes nice.
But always creating that Christmas spirit:

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