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Monday, September 04, 2023

"Say yes to the dress" Riga edition

G-Force pampered this sweet unemployed dollface and took me to Riga, all expenses on her. I just had to deliver my taste in fashion and my photography skills. Generous deal (thanks, G).

This is a story of our trip to the south.

I have taken fair amount of bus-trips to Riga,
however one cannot get over the fear of a moving toilet seat. 
Far worse than on a plane, a lot more at the mercy of gravity:

Business seats, 
because we unemployed:

Spoiler alert: look at this all white salon and guess the main goal of our trip:

We be dressin' up,
we be lovin' it:

Look at this fucking Disney princess
living happily ever after:

So many sins that white is not my colour:

As dress hunting was efficient and faster than anticipated,
we needed some &Other Stories: 

Found the fastest gun in Texas:

Remembering the times I still had valid staff discount in this store.
Oh, the times we had:

The wedding dress
did not cause any stress:

Act like you bought diamonds,
not socks:

Shoyu ramen = 10/10

Hungry little bus tourists:

We wandered around the town, didn't find a suitable place and ended up back at our hotel.
20 000 steps = crème brûlée, biscuit selection and baked French cheese.

This is my new favourite drink:

Hotel mirror selfies always hit the right spot:

She found what she was looking for
and she slept well. She good:

Okay, let's be honest.
Magnifying mirror beats any Instagram filter:

Size 36 (or even 35) vs size 41.
Wind affects us differently:

Duck face is so last century,
but we embrace the past:

Kids and boyfriends are in a land far-far away:

TKG viieliste ekskurss:

Checking out and logging off:

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