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Friday, September 01, 2023

6 divorce free-years – the celebrations in Haapsalu

Like 2021 & 2022, we celebrated our wedding anniversary in Haapsalu. 

Does it seem like we're always there? The truth is, it's just so picturesque location, that it's so uninspiring taking up camera at other places.

At your viewing pleasure, hetero cringe. A lovely husband. A talented kid. A fairytale house. At a cosy small town.

My mom picked some shrooms:

Pippi fan playing Pippi memo:

Müürivahe pagar and the best custard danish:

Every morning I cycled to the bakery
and she approved:

Tea for two and art for two:

Tired of resting:

That's the "I found a strawberry" face:

Elegant storm:

Bubbles, a lot of bubbles:

When mommy is working,
the kid is conquering the stairs:

The sweet escape:

On our way to buy milk:

Now you see us, now you don't:

A little colouring every day keeps the mind bright:

Picking stones is the MOST interesting hobby there is.
For her:

Kaur's mom grew some tomatoes.
Our moms make our tummies sing:

Hetero cringe:

The kiddo and the doggo are on the same team.
They both tried to run away:

Fred's wardrobe is worth to plunder:

They fix:

The third autumn for Pebbles is about to start:

Please give me money for eye-surgery.
Nobody remembers me without glasses:

2021, 2022 and 2023:

As always, my mom comes to babysit Pebbles on our wedding anniversary.
And we go out to play:

Michelin star beauty:

Coop is cool:

Still going hand-in-hand:

In bloom:

The kiddo is sleeping in the main house,
so parent play boardgames in the garden house:

The bird book so small,
she needs binoculars to read it:

My mom and my kid:

As it's the year of Barbie,
you got to teach them while they're young:

Closer is warmer:

The Haapsalu food tastes better:

The gourmet market and a little taster: 

Bye, bye! We're off to Tallinn:

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