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Thursday, January 06, 2011

A day in the city

My New Year's resolution was to relax a bit more but I cancelled it. Relax? like dead? No-no. After Piret missed her bus to Frankfurt I felt bad for her and invited her to stay at my place. The day before my little brother Ian came to visit me. Like you see we have real disco here. That is not all. On Saturday Mia with her S is coming to Rochester. There is no sign of loneliness. On Wednesday my dear friend Laura came to London. Last time I saw her was in the airport when I started my journey here. Can you keep up? A day in the city was full of The British Museum, enjoying sales everywhere, Harrods, a lot of fun and love.

First of all The British Museum:

Ian says "Uhke värk":

Daddy, daddy! Look I am in Mesopotamia:

The coolest kid in town:

We do love kittens:

If I had the chance I would be a goddess in Ancient Greece:

We got no money in the bank:


The Batcave:

I would wear it nothing underneath, so buy it for me:

Yes? No? Maybe?:

Madonna's cones:

Baaah, London makes my heart boom-boom:

Sale = cheap and chic:

There's no end with beautiful things:

L A U R A ♥, me and sale

Kakoi košmar! Bling bling:

Laura, Wilma and Topshop:

Laura and lady who wants to buy a skirt:

Post-Christmas madness:

Laura, Wilma and the Queen:

You know we have this wonderful TV here:

About 20% of Toomklubi Teatrikool:

Our bathroom is inspired from Lord af the Rings and houses of hobbits:

Me, Laura and Ben:

ANTM and wanna be on the top? Smise!:

Can't get enough. This time me, Laura, Ben and Smokie:

The saint:

After saying goodbyes with Laura we met with other Laura who work in tourism business. We got a free ride on a sightseeing bus. Us and Chinese people. A lot of fun!:

When others had a flight with London Eye we were down to Earth and revealed the secret about birds and the bees to Ian:

back in Rochester. back at home

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regina said...

ok esiteks ma tahaks ka külla tulla!!!!
siis teiseks mul on see pitsiline pluus, nii et kui sa mulle külla tuled, saad kanda, midagi ei käi alla ofcourse, only for me ;))))