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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boiler room #44 Young Turks Valentine's day Takeover

Story about real romance on Valentine's day - a trip to London, a date with Modern Tate and a gift from Boiler Room.

Winter clothes out and spring clothes in:

Nails like cotton candy - to nom or not to nom:

Seriously I could own a apartment in that house and cycle my way home:

Where am I? How this happened? What do you meeeaaan?:

I came from the east side. This is the west side, yo!:

Carving this takes a great deal of time:

A view over London from the South bank:

At 10.22 pm comes tide and takes it with:

The old vs the new:

Took my yoke-fellow to an art museum, Tate Modern. He was like "What da shiiiiit?!":

Robin Hood art:

One is hanging himself, one is humping the tree and a dog just chillin'. You must be a true psycho or an artist to come up with this:

Danger. Danger. High Voltage. Adult xxx:

Oma peegelpilt on sulle paras:

Venus with a pile of rags - daily scene

Example of visitors style:

Photo mania:

This is no fire, this is explosion:

Tower bridge:

Let's shave off our eyebrows and draw new ones:

Screw you, this is bloody amazing:

On Valentine's day LOW trees became LOVE trees:

Party outfit:

Boiling, boiling, boiling in the Boiler Room:

See, it wasn't a lie:

Double trouble - bass that lifts you up so your feet will never touch the ground:

The most romantic way to spend your evening:

Jesse Ware and Sampha live!:

Even if you didn't know what I was talking about:

Close your eyes. Clear your head. Have fun:

Trying to find my keys:

Jamie XX! As the name suggests he is from the XX:

Too much too high:

The home is where I lay my head, even if it is Bakerloo line:

She is so indie, she saw a band by herself in an underground room and then killed them so she would be the only one who knew about them:

He's the ketchup to my fries. I do love ketchup a lot!:

This pictures gives me the creeps. Something psycho about it:

Finally took the train home. Goodbye London:

lebos dot jep pe ge:

In a few days my girlfriend Regina is coming to visit from Amsterdam. Uuuush.


Ian said...

This blog gets more hipster-rific with every post! I love it


Melissa said...

aah teil on nii soe seal juba!!!! tahan kaa

Wilma Circus said...

Massive spring

ella ella e e said...

massive incoming kevad!!! aga noh, v2hemalt indie ja mitte hipster? kuigi iani kommentaaride t6ttu hakkan ma ka ennast juba niiviisi tundma vaikselt.

Wilma Circus said...

Mina olen hipster ja sina oled AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE! GORGEOUS! SUPERB!...no ei häälda välja.

Ian said...

True that girl!


regina said...

nii kena vaadata, kui kultuursed!

ei jaksa ära oodata, reedel näeme!!! :***

ella said...

eiii ära ütle nii. we're bith AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE! GORGEOUS! SUPERB! ei SAAGIII välja hääldada. ma hakkan nüüd patsi punuma, varsti kultuurireisile.