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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wilma Annie Nigel and Kate.

I have this friend called Ella. We met at birthday party and it was so 2008. Before we truly became friends, we had to go through a weird period - like she was forced to try the worst drug there is (Tartu) and I was bubblegum hipster with my 12 year old boyfriend. Yes, we both had some dark times back then. 2010 it all changed. I moved to England, where Ella had settled some time before. Acquaintance turned into friendship at a London Warehouse project. No extra words needed.
Now this week Ella came for a visit, which is extra special as we only see once a year. Last time we saw each other was a very hang-overly Sunday in July. 

Sadly I was working everyday and couldn't spend as much time with her as I'd wished. However Ella is my unicorn.

We started very Swedish = coffee and cinnamon buns.
(We have grown-up since we spend more money on food than alcohol)

At this exact moment she is telling Robbie how annoying my photographing and blog is.
Not a single fuck is given, look at this fucking blogger.:

Smoke break and girl talk - the story of our lives:

Stockholm Fashion Week close-ups.
Never trashy, always classy:

Vegetarians visiting = eating plants.
When they left I ate a whole pack of bacon, put sausage in my nose and bought a fur jacket.

A little drinkie before you go-go.
Also know as "when boyfriend forgets to tell you that the beer has 7% of alcohol inside":

Passport picture time:

The sad moment when I couldn't follow them to a house party, since I had to work the day after.
The glad moment when I saved myself from a terrible hangover.
You lose and you win:

Last time when Ella visited me in Stockholm, things we much worse...:

Btw, we have a band The Drunk Girls.
For your hearing pleasure:

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