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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wilma Circus in May 2023 – Pebbles 2 & Wilma 32 and Songland

May is the month of celebrations – Pebbles & I (also Gerda) have our birthdays then. This year Fred threw a massive birthday party for me. Definitely one of the fondest moments in 2023 was when Fred did a DJ set at the party. Including only my favourites, starting with Linking Park and ending with Boiler Room & Eurovision.

Eurovision was much drama. I lead the local Housing Association and that included drama. My birthday party also had some drama. Bold and the Beautiful, but I'm still chill.

Here the Circus family is showing (on Pebble's birthday) how old she got.
There seems to be some confusion among us: 

Sometimes lose, aways win.
Due to tragic events in Ella's life, I got to see here several times during the year.
I greatly miss her company. And Pebbles feels the same:

Every time a doorkeeper at theatre asks "First time?"
we say no, because it's not our first rodeo:

Passport says 31, appearance says 10:

No florals? All black in spring – very controversial:

Yes, I proudly did selfies at work:

A courier called: "I got flowers for you".
As it was Mother's Day, I thought it's from Fred.
Instead Ian from London saluted my uterus:

My greatest two year old:

A crown and a birthday train, all you need in life:

Birthday girl is exiting this planet:

Pebbles birthday gift from Sellpy (Swedish second-hand).
How much Pippi you can handle?

Damn, I look good.
The faulty haircut finally grew beautiful:

First time at Lepik and Paula's Songland house:

Garden season opening party at Songland:

My parenting vibes are like this:

May Flowers:

Love that time of the year:

Birthday morning with chia pudding.
Healthy is my middle name:

I little birthday kiss at Kadriorg:

A year older, but still ignoring gravity:

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