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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Wilma Circus 32 times around the Sun celebration

32 years ago I was born on a backseat of a Žiguli car. Not much has changed since then 
(just more face cream on the neck). 

Despite drinking Champagne with Mõmmi lemonade budget, Fred threw a party for me. Quality catering, classy wine & my lovely koorekiht. *happy tears*

I rarely post anymore, but when I do, 
it's a marathon post sponsored by 5 disposable cameras. 

Let my life flash in front of your eyes:

2009 – Sweet 18. Politsei & tellingud
2010 – The final exams
2015 – mellow chill at Tops vol 1 & vol 2
2019 – Master Wilma

The word nummi belongs to the 2000s.
Nummi the person, however, is a timeless legend:

I'm in my 30s, what has changed? 
My parties have chandeliers now:

She stops wearing black if a darker colour will be invented: 

Wine tasting – it's classy they said.
They just didn't specify the amount:

My go-to pose is "arms up and double chin out":

The youngest looking yet oldest in our high school class. 
To this day she could pass as a 18 year old:

Green, blue, 
white and red:

We talked about adulting and how it's mostly googling "How to":

Her favourite F-word is

The moms are discussing how sleep is overrated:

They have to put up with my timer pictures:

Yes, I took my label maker to the party,
because it's a sign:

The coolest ones are at the lemonade stand:

The ultimate quiz "How well do you know Wilma" will start soon.
Bring in the mind-games and poker faces:

Nothing has changed.
"Me, myself & I" quiz until I die:

Excited to win, excited to know me well:

I always keep all the answer sheets in my archive,
because tüvitekst:

That one pupil that studied and was a teacher favourite
and all the other ones want to kill her:

Let there be cake.
Let it be red and velvety:

The bravery, the courage, the responsibility. 
When no one dared to touch the cake, she delivered, with firm hands:  

We have grown up all good:

The greatest gift is the act of kindness of showing up.
But bitches also love big boxes and they cannot lie:

Thank you for being a friend!
Disney+ and G-Force know me well:

The design company Pärna & Co made me the most unique gift ever, a stunning swing.
I, the swinger, will test it out in full swing (sorry not sorry):

The pre-30s freak out seems so silly now, 
since this feared period turned out amazing:

The pic:

The pic in a pic:

It's not just moustache,
it's a lifestyle:

My emergency contact, my boyfriend Fred had prepared
a full DJ set with my favourite tunes.

The DJ set touched my different eras.
Primary school = Linkin Park:

Secondary school = Nirvana 

High school = Foo Fighters:

All stages in my life = Eurovision and effective staging: 

My London era = Boiler Room techno:

My Swedish era = Zara Larsson

Fuck Marek Reinaas, G-Force shows how to wear shades indoors.
She had her own birthday party the day before, that very morning she had a funeral to attend
and she still arrived to the Circus Tour celebration with full glam.
Massive respect:

Klassiõhtu vibes:

Songland swag:

Flirting with the DJ, trying to take him home with me:

AND ONE MORE TIME Robin Stjernberg - You

Got emotional here, he stole my heart at the dance floor:

When the party starts at 4PM, 
then midnight is already silly o'clock:

Do you believe in love after love?:

The person that set the mood,
the person that set the food,
the person with always caring attitude.
Thank you!:

Passport pictures:

The times with Nokia button phones were so much easier:

Matching nail-polish and lipstick:

We are married, 
not with each-other: 

The irony,
I managed to catch the whole face of the tallest friend I have:

The little brother, the older sister:

One of them is a professional model,
the other one was professional in spin-the-bottle.
I let you guess which one:


The greatest neighbour there is:

My only friend who has read my thesis.
Thinking and analysing is cool:

3AM & last ones standing:

You're simply the best,
better than all the rest:

These emotions are like food form me,
I can feast another year:
So glad that my boyfriend is allergic to pollen:

The sun is rising, the taxi is coming:

I took the DJ home with me:

Oh the shade PM threw at me:

The morning after:

I'm an awesome mom, but a crappy friend.
We don't see often, but when we do it feels natural and not pushed 
to continue where we left off.
T H A N K   Y O U 

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