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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

These are the REAL winners

Today there was a one talent show,
and I was part of it, oh no!
Went up there and did my thing,
the main goal was to sing, sing, sing.
I did not win, I cried a lot.
Please, please I need one pistol shot!
Well, I'm being a bit ironic
I did it just for gin and tonic.
But most of all: doing it was fun,
so I really needn't to buy a gun.
Only shot I need is in a glass.


Anonymous said...

uu, i can see my pokerface!
and now off i run to catch a train, i really can't find any rhymes from my brain...


Wilma Circus said...

I'm a bird, I'm a train
I'm one crazy choo-choo train.