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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Head in the clouds

I tell you what's gooood.

I love you BUT this is just too good to be true:

I love you BUT you wear clothes from Zara men department:

I love you BUT you wear sunglasses indoors and that Marc Jacobs bag is really ugly:

I love you BUT if you once are in, it's hard to get you out:

I love you BUT I love the sound of your shoes more:

I love you BUT I don't do fur:

I love you but I love Wilma Circus more:

I love you BUT your hands are like really hairy:

I love you BUT you always ask Do these boots make me look fat?:

I love you BUT your biggest problems is what dress to wear:

I love you BUT you love flower print tooooo much:

I love him BUT I love Chloé more:

I love you BUT there's no but:

I love you BUT you see hearts in everything:

I love you BUT I love Mood more:

I love you BUT you love someone else:

I love it BUT he will love it more:

Do you adore?
Wilma Kristel Circus


Ian Gustav Ahlberg said...

w00p w00p!

Laura Lisete said...

BUT, I love you!

Wilma Circus said...

Spring love - let's melt together!

vilja said...

In the CLOSET- a great way to spend an afternoon:D

Wilma Circus said...

and dream about something that you will never get.

Becca said...

I adore almost every photo! these pics are perfect! love the fur one very much and the balcony photos!

Wilma Circus said...