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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peace. Love. Ice cream

Now panic and freak out.
It's called "girlfriend shout".

Today we went to school.
Found out that we are real fools:

Stop. Stand. Pose.
Try to walk on tippy toes.

Felt like 5 again.
Quickly to McDonald's drive in!:

I say "Naine!"
Let's make pictures with self-timer:

This I didn't see,
the hand was crabbing me:

My mission: "Make friend happy
when she is feeling crappy"

She is there and here.
The more the merrier:


Drugs and hot weather DON'T match.


vilja said...

varauusaeg ei ole naljaasi (nagu nüüd välja tuleb).

buuut, the ice cream was still worth it;)

Wilma Circus said...


Melissa said...

oo see koolimaja on nii kaugeks jäänud mul....

Wilma Circus said...