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Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday fun

Soon moving into our new apartment and Vilja is coming next week.

The bottom feels so much better than the top:

Window shopping - taking a look but I never buy:

Mister is playing BINGO and trying to win:

I like my tea and my milk shot.

Another drink and I'm ready for action:

Computer games were boring, we came out instead:

How far can you see? Fog alert.

Rotate camera. Rotate me.:

My home town Rochester:

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall:

Our future is so bright that is burns my eyes:


vilja said...

Nüüd juba ainult 4 päeva veel. Või 5? Mu matemaatikaoskused ei ole enam samad, mis vanasti :(


Wilma Circus said...

saime võtmed kätte!!! ostsime kolm taldrikut ning kolm tassi, ei tea küll miks.

Ian said...

84 päeva veel kuni mind näete!
cant wait to see how englishmen live!

regina said...

teile ikka sobib see Inglismaa!
ma tulen ka varsti külla, et te teaks!

Wilma Circus said...

Tulge kõik külla. Minu kodus olete oodatud.

Tegin täna "sõbraseina", kus te kõik peal olete.

Puss, puss (Kiss, kiss)