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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Warehouse Project

Yesterday we did something that we still aren't used to - went to London. Unbelievable.

We arrived at Victoria station like usually and took a walk to Westminster. A little Tube ride and we were in Oxford Circus. Never had I been there with my Mister.

As we walked I noticed that even street lamps have a little fashion in them:

Topman sale didn't leave us cold. As a matter of fact he was warm:

I promise these we'll be the last tourist shots, because I have to keep in mind:
"I live here now!":

Last time I found delicious tea in Harrods and this time I had the honour to take it home with me. Also Christmas is coming to London. Can't wait when they turn on the Christmas lights, which is rather big event here:

Where the wild things are? At Harrods of course. Really it's a lovely place.

Everything seems better when it's dark outside:

Soon I'm going to tell the real reason why we went to London. But meanwhile let's kill time near the Thames and The houses of parliament on the background:

Why not let's get crazy. Let's try the Myspace angle:

Screw you CCTV, we are drinking alcohol in public place. Hey, you're only young once.
Not many can say that they have pannud tinunni near the Houses of Parliament:

After a quick stop at Westminster we continued our journey to South London, where there was an event called The Warehouse Project. We took our friend miss.L with us and goodbye Myspace angle:

First this guy warmed us up:

We were blurry and ready:

Ready! Set! Go! The Delphic is in da Warehouse.
This time I had a better camera with me and I got faboulous shots. I really don't know how I managed to take pictures when the crowd was humping me and I had to hold on with my nails to stay in the front row. It was sweaty, it was painful, it was nasty.:

I have no voice left:

My clothes and hair smell like beer, because it was raining there:

I got home half past seven in the morning:

I just woke up:

My legs are numb from jumping and holding on:

But it was greatly worth it. Insane!

A snapshot from Untold:

It was the other dimension:

This is how we went back to central London with a night bus, more like a morning bus.
Me, Laura and a Double-Decker:

Five am at Victoria. Still high!

Delphic is Love.

Hope that E and L will join us next time.


Ian said...

parliament *chuckles*

ahh british english, how i love you!

Wilma Circus said...

come come. we'll be waiting for you.

laura said...

Nutan nende piltide pihta, aga loodan, et teil oli great fun, ja..järgmise korrani:D