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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A sweet memory

Usually my posts are much brighter, but this time it differs a bit. Few minutes ago I got bad news from home. My dear Grandmother (great-grandmother) has gone to Nangijala.
Some of you have had the opportunity to taste her glamorous fried potatoes and drink glass of Tõmmu with her. Her favourite song was "There's a starnger in my life. I know-I know (pronounced as Aino)". She had witnessed the World War II and told endless stories about it, that's where my love for history came. Dear Granny, those 91 points from history exam are dedicated to you. She was the one who told me that nothing is impossible and that Kontsatin Päts was a total hunky. I salute her, my great-grandmother and a great woman.

There's no grandmother without delicious homemade jam. Behind us is the glorious garden with all the fruits and berries. No, I haven't had this haircut all my life and no, my grandmother's hair wasn't naturally curly. I had to sit hours at the hairdresser, but I didn't mind: got one "Miki Hiir" comic every time:

The women who taught me to read:

"A great woman always has red lips" she said and also she painted her eyebrows black with coal.

I'm in England and I sent her a postcard, hope she got it. Her favourite soap opera was "Home and Away". She is always in my heart at home and in England:

She had no natural teeth left, so when she brushed her teeth she took them all out. Then I begged that she'd say something and we had a good laugh:

Pure heart from 1921:

Hopefully this didn't make you sad, because I tried to make it as happy as I could. It's a sweet memory. Surely I'm going to miss her, but it sounds like a cliché, but I think that she is looking after me now. This is my way of saying goodbye.

From me to you with love. Keep an eye on me, this England can get tough.


Ian said...

Ole tugev. Ma olen kindel et su vanaema hoolitseb sinu eest kusiganes ta ka nüüd poleks.


epp said...

i have tears in my eyes!!