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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Debaser Medis

Saturday night takes away your morals and brings you together with Stockholm's nattliv.

The most important feature - IKEA lamp:

Vilja's family had a big party at home and I asked if she could steal some alcohol. She did. 6 litres she did. Hero of the day:

Unfortunately I was the only under aged in our group (in Sweden it is 20). But we managed to get in, if we behaved. They say it every time when I visit the place.
THE best place to be - DEBASER MEDIS:

They are bad but they are perfectly good at it:

Seriously we had so much fun. Hallellujah! Praise the Lord! Let's speak in tongues - boolooloolooloolooloo!

Cocktail and party mode downloading - 99% completed:

Priceless "F-f-f-f-f..." face from Vilja:

Kaur is not in the gang:

Once you go Debaser, you never go back:

"Okej, jag säger hej då nu. På sjävla verket är jag trott nu och vill åka hem. Jag hade det så roligt även om imorgon bitti känner jag mig inte så spännande. Puss och kram"

I am moving here. This is the place I should be.


vilja said...

oo järgmised paar pidu on nüüd alkoholi poole pealt kindlustatud! you got to love sthlm!

Wilma Circus said...