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Friday, April 08, 2011

There's no way like eBay

I like it cheap. I like it free of charge. I like eBay.
My number one purchase from eBay is Chloe dress. That dress makes a beast into a beauty:
I'd like to apologise in advance, as this photo shoot got out of hand. Next hundred pictures - Chloe dress. Stay tuned:
Ou, did you see the back?:
Yummy, yummy, yummy - I got love in my tummy:
Oh, look, a plane!
Reggie kill me, I must own everything you have:
MTV cribs:
Haircut inspiration? Krusty The Clown:
Have you seen pictures where models show off shoes and/or bags? It's really freaky and I couldn't pul it off. Now there, these are my new Vagabond shoes that cost £65 (not for me). Got to love eBay:
I need glasses, I thought that tree was a charming gentleman:
Now our dream is to get bicycles from eBay:
Jacket and skirt (both Topshop) came via eBay:
Voila! Skirt like that £3:
Nose-job check:
Brand new with proof:
Booty call:
I salute you eBay:
It is a great day, I got my first pair of pants:
Mind the step (pants make everything so awkward)
Hrrr, hrrr pirate:
+21 degrees makes you happy!
Topshop 1£ Dress makes you fly:
Jacket Topshop £0.01 makes you faint:
The boy - priceless
You did not have me at hello, but you have me now:


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vilja said...

ooo, i like, i like, i like this post sooo bad!