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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fruity day

Our home store and fruity loop:


The leg position must be right when choosing flowers:

A little boy with an ice-cream:

Yes, I'm sure, I really don't like ice-cream:

What do you expect from a girl who's wardrobe is dominated by flower print:

I don't eat ice-cream. I don't smoke. I can't swim. I don't drink coffee. But the sign is lovely:

I adore door knockers:

A bumble bee at a bar:

My drug, I'm such a Fool:


G said...

mu suuukad mu suuuuuukad, luvv

regina said...

Tükk aega mõtlesin, et su blogis on midagi muutunud.. Pildid on nüüd palju suuuremad! Love it!
Ja üldse olete nunnud!

v said...

aaah, how can you NOT like ice cream?! its the best thing ever!

Aga muidu:


Kristel Wilma Circus said...

Sukad on uhked, pildid on suured, aga, kurat, jäätis ei maitse.