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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Midsommar i Jäneda

Midsummer's Eve- privilege to take time off and escape to the countryside. So we did and this is how it turned out.
One massive firefly:

Seriously guys, I have a set of pictures of you posing like a married couple:

This girl knows the secret of a good party:

Lady L had a dream to play darts. It made her happy-happy-happy:

After all that barbeque, I feel like eating carrots next few weeks:

He said he will not come to Jäneda. As you see, it turned out better.

She is just sad, because the first time she drove a lawn tractor, she managed to eliminate a flowerbed:

After everyone had gone to bed, me and Karl didn't feel like sleeping. We stayed up and joined the party next door. Free cocktails, food and mushrooms:

We danced well, but we walked badly.
On our way home at 7AM:

He loves toilets:

The day after. Liquid lunch continues:

Who's shooting who?

This is why you need to escape from the city:

The border between Estonia and Russia:

He's getting old:

I see boobies:

White trash:

Breathe and chill out:

Karl loves animals and little children. First he tried to caress that dog on the background, but the myth that dogs understand when person is drunk and they do not like it, is true. Also you all had to see how the drunken Karl played with children:

Blondes and brunettes have the equal amount of fun:

He prefers Estrella. He is pissed:

Let me tell you a secret, tsss...:

Don't drink and fly:

From Jäneda me and Kaur went to Kehra, where my grandfather lives.
This little bug doesn't understand the word "hangover" and wants to play until you drop:

I had more fun than should be allowed.

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