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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High as a kite

Not a day without the big city:

Every real estate developer has to provide a certain percent of communal housing, so right around this posh neighbourhood lives a rather down to earth family. I like this mixer:

The British charm:

The dwelling jungle:

We four have a pact that we will start to play HoN together. This is our way of a good time;

Shine your light:

Never have I ever seen Sam with so long hair, so I cut it down:

?, ? and ?:

The sweetest grumpy face - Laura no like!:

If you see it you will shit shiny bricks:

The best that I have ever had between my legs:

The cool kid from Marylebone:

After staying awake 26hours (I bet you have a bigger record than that) I was high as a kite:


troll said...

hon i sfor noobs, real men play lol

Wilma Circus said...


Anonymous said...

is HoN something like Age of Empires?

Wilma Circus said...

If AoE had the Chipper then it would be the perfect game.