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Monday, July 11, 2011


On Saturday we went on a holiday. Haapsalu, my love.

Safety Orbik and Hello Sweden:

Hey ho, let's go!

We hanged with Ian's underaged friends on the rooftop:

We played Mafia. Loving it!:

keyword - confused (Ian and his Gaga love):

keyword - class picture:

Little monsters:

Somehow it happened that we stood perfectly:

§6 sucks donkey balls:

Boys are just chillin' and we are just girls:

Lovely lady with a beautiful blouse(she was quicker and crabbed it before me. Thrift stores for the win):

It irritates me way too much when I think about why there isn't train connection between Tallinn and Haapsalu:

Toilet glam:


Call 911, Lean Mean Kissing Machine Wanted!

True that:

American Car show is crap. Only good thing to look at was:

Suspicious face is suspicious:

All you need is:

The Moomin's house:

Made in the UK:

Sexy Kitten 666:

I really don't know where my teeth went:

To nom or not to nom?

Wallpaper is important:

It was always pool ükskõik

One sweet sweet boy, muah:

Actually it was a Lose Your Weight camp, as you can see, we were only eating watermelons:

One of the Bullerby Children:

Women belong to the kitchen and we are happy about it:

Let's go swimming!:

Others were swimming, I was hanging on:

Thinking of youuuuuu Eriiiik.

Local Mafia:

Colours of nature:

This is how it looks:

It was a good vacation:

I'm always happy when there is a bottle in my hand:


E said...

Väga dreamy kodu ja õnnelikud inimesed, nii hea!

Wilma Circus said...

Sõbrad teevad õnnelikuks